Simulators for commercial truck driving (HGV, LGV), dedicated for the training in difficult driving conditions, at night, and for the transportation of dangerous goods

Driving in difficult conditions

The capability to control the vehicle is tested in extreme conditions and this is exactly what our large goods vehicle (LGV) and heavy goods vehicle (HGV) simulators offer: mountain roads, snowfall, strong wind.

The very realistic modeling of the dynamics along with the kinesthetic restitution in the steering wheel and through the motion platform allows the truck or lorry driver to understand the limits of braking capacity, grip, rollover, and jackknifing of his truck.

Conduire dans des conditions difficiles
Camion conduire de nuit

Heavy truck driving at night

In France, the Directive of September 26, 2018, related to the professional title of road transport driver of goods by truck specifies that night driving training may be carried out on a high-end simulator. With a simulator, this can of course be achieved at day time.

Our commercial truck driving simulators offer adjustable ambient lighting and a variety of situations, such as streets, roads, and highways. Those can be lit or unlit to practice driving at night.

Transport of dangerous goods

Sym2B’s LGV and HGV simulators take into account the specificities of the transport of hazardous goods.

Thanks to an advanced motion system based on actuators (3DOF or 6DOF), the slosh in the tanker trucks is simulated. ADR signals can be flexibly configured by the trainer through the scenario editor to setup various authorized of forbidden routes.

Transport de matières dangeureuses

Vehicles range

Our commercial driving simulators cover all kinds of trucks:

  • 4×2 or 6×4 tractor
  • Semi-trailer
  • Carrier
  • Center-axle trailer
  • Trailer with self-steering tiller
  • Tanker truck
  • Dump truck / tipper truck

Mercedes Actros and Antos, Scania R440, Renault Kerax 430 have been simulated in previous projects. All powers and transmissions are simulated: manual with split group and half ratios, automated, with or without sequential control, automatic with maximum ratio locked. A very specific gearbox control can be transposed on a touch screen integrated in the professional truck driving simulator (for example Mercedes Powershift).

Camion Scania
Camion SP de Paris

Synthetic environments

To train drivers, more than 200 km of roadways, from narrow streets to highways, are available.

Intersections of all kinds are present: traffic lights, roundabouts, stops, etc. Traffic signals are various and can be adjusted with the scenario editor integrated into our cdl driving simulators, especially to setup height or weight limits.

On the maneuvering area with standardized markings, pylons, concrete dividers, and other vehicles at standstill or in motion can be placed freely to materialize various paths in order to carry out maneuvering exercises, for example within the framework of the acquisition of skills necessary to obtain their commercial driver’s license (CDL), or C license.

environnement synthétique camion

Commercial truck driving simulators: references

SIMTEB, Leonardo Da Vinci, Consortium Européen with BBZ-Nordhausen, Germany

Our heavy trucks generic driving simulator was installed in Nordhausen, in the professional driving training center of BBZ (BerufsBildung Zentrum). It was also presented during various events like the IAA Nutzfahrzeuge expo in Hannover, where it was installed in a specifically converted truck with a driving room and a teaching room.

The purpose of this project was to validate the benefits of the commercial driving simulators, especially for fuel-efficient driver training (eco-driving). It was a great example of a collaborative project with foreign partners: SFS Dortmund (Germany), BBZ Nordhausen (Germany), TRL (UK), and also TT-C, Team Simrac and TTS (Finland).