Simulator driver training systems: typical configurations

Our driver training simulators provide the realism of full scale (or replica) ones in a compact size.

Three typical simulator configurations are presented.

The compactness facilitates the installation in existing buildings/classrooms. Custom configurations are possible to match specific needs or constraints.

Our educational driving simulators for professionals provide the following features:

a driver’s station with seat and steering wheel typical from a heavy vehicle cab

surrounded by 3 large monitors simulating the cab

optionally on a motion system (electrical actuators)

simulation of a wide range of vehicle (mainly bus & coaches, trucks or army vehicles), depending on the application field

a user-friendly trainer station

thorough educational features

SICSTY6 simulator

This model of simulator for driver training has a 6 degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) motion system with large amplitudes: roll, pitch, heave, surge, sway and yaw are used to reproduce acceleration and braking, as well as the vehicle’s attitude, which varies widely in off-road driving.

For a civilian or military truck, you can feel the effect of fluid sloshing in the tank or the displacement of the solid load. This is especially important when it comes to training drivers for the transport of dangerous goods.

The electrical motion system is silent. Considering the large range of motion, access on board remain easy by a resting height of 40cm. No ground anchor is required, which makes the driving simulator moveable.

The center monitor has a size of 75 inches and the side monitors 55 inches.

LHP dimensions: 2m50 x 2m50 x 2m50.
Installable through standard doors L 0m90 x H 2m04.
Ground pressure <300 kg / m2.

Simulateur SICSTY6
Simulateur SICSTYZ

SICSTYZ simulator

This model of compact driving simulator model features a 65-inch front screen and two 55-inch side screens to shape the cab around the driving station.

All these elements are on casters for easy set up and transportation.

  Installed equipment LHP : 2m x 2m x 2m

SICSTY3 simulator

This model of driver training simulation system is similar to the SICSTYZ model except for the addition of actuators (electrical) to replace the fixed feet. The driving simulator on actuators SICSTY3 reproduces movements on 3 degrees-of-freedom (3DOF): roll, pitch, and heave.

Simulateur SICSTY3


The SICSTYZ and SICSTY3 simulator models are easily transportable. In transport configuration, the simulator components match the size of a standard elevator (Width 80 cm x Depth 130 cm) and are installed on casters, directly or through the supplied transport boxes.

Such a driver training simulator can be set up on site in less than an hour by two people.

Simulateur transportable

Simulator in trailer

The compactness of our educational driving simulators allows to install them in light air-conditioned trailers, including the SICSTY6 configuration.

These trailers have a space dedicated to the driver and another for the instructor and the observers, while being connected to the driver by audio and/or video.

Simulateur En Remorque
Simulateur Poste Formateur

Supervision station

A separate supervision station allows the trainer to follow and control the progress of the simulation, with all the information displayed on one or two screens.

The first screen presents a 2D map and simulation controls.

The second screen displays information with a specific 3D view. It can also be replicated to observers through a large external display.

Unlimited teaching possibility

For educational purposes an easy-to-use software, called scenario editor, allows trainers to customize and extend the provided exercises endlessly, on a laptop possibly disconnected from the driving simulator.

Contact us to find out more about our simulator driver training systems (price, configuration, transportability), and how Sym2B products can be adapted to your specific needs.