Bus & coaches

Simulators for bus & coach driver training, to improve the quality of service to users and to secure the drive over level crossings

Managing passenger exchanges and safety around stops

Our bus driving simulation system gives the ability to handle passengers boarding and alighting, with a customized attendance set up.

Near stops, specific scenarios can include passengers falling on the platform, pedestrians not looking at the bus, or crossing the road unexpectedly around the bus.

Bus éhcange voyageyrs
gérer le confort

Providing comfort and preventing passengers falls

Passengers are also simulated inside the public transport vehicle. A digital device showing the driver acceleration, braking, and centrifugal forces in a colorful form is integrated into the bus or coach driver training simulator.

If the driver brakes too hard, passengers may fall down. This instantaneous information is also available over time and can be integrated into a final report in numerical or graphical form.

Safely approaching railroad crossings

Railroad crossings are the subject of specific scenarios on our professional bus and coach driver simulation systems.

Situations with the risk of unexpected obstruction of a level crossing with half barriers can be created to raise awareness among public transport and PVC (passenger carrying vehicles) drivers.

Passage à niveau
Bus électrique

Preparing the transition to hybrid and electric vehicles

Bus drivers must be trained specifically to drive electric or hybrid buses, which nowadays enter in operation worldwide.

These vehicles behave completely differently from combustion engine vehicles. Drivers need to drive in a way that preserves the batteries. Sym2B’s bus driving simulation system can fulfil this new training need.

Vehicles Range

Our professional public transport driving simulators cover all types of buses and coachs:

  • Standard bus 12 m
  • Articulated bus 18 m
  • Double-articulated bus / Bi-articulated bus
  • Bus with high level of service (BHNS) / Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)
  • Airport shuttle
  • Trolleybus
  • Intercity coach
  • School bus
  • Tourist coach

The motorization can be diesel, gas or electric. In past projects were simulated: Ivecobus Urbanway, Mercedes Citaro articulated, MAN Lion’s City, Mercedes Intouro.

Synthetic environments

To train bus and coach drivers with a simulation system, more than 200 km of urban, suburban, and extra-urban roads are available.

A multipurpose city is simulated with all types of streets, bus stops, pedestrian crossings, tramways.

On request, geo-specific (reproduction of the real world) lines or areas can be included into the bus driving simulator. This has already been achieved for the city of Nuremberg, and provides specific lines knowledge.

Environnement bus

Bus and coach driving simulation: references

Keolis Institut, France

The easy way to transport and to install our SICSTYZ simulator, customized for Keolis, was successfully tested during the installation of the first driving simulator for the Keolis Institute in Bordeaux, then during its transfer to Lille.

The other two simulators of this project, named OSKAR (Outil de Simulation de Keolis pour l’Amélioration de la Sécurité Routière – Keolis Simulation Tool for Road Safety Improvement), are installed in Bordeaux and Lyon, but can be moved to the other networks operated by Keolis in France.

Each simulator can be used to drive a standard bus, an articulated bus and a school bus.

simulateur Keolis

The benefits of these simulators: a progressive environment, adaptable to urban and inter-urban areas, the availability of scenarios with the notion of frequency and regularity, commercial stops and passengers interactions


VAG Nuremberg, Germany

The public transport of the city of Nuremberg (VAG Nuremberg) was the first in Germany to acquire a high-end bus simulation system. VAG provided us with genuine bus parts to build the simulator, which also met other specific requirements such as the faithful replica of the line 36 that goes through the downtown of this city.

This professional bus driving simulator was installed in a dedicated air-conditioned trailer, to train drivers from neighboring cities without forcing them to travel.

Remorque VAG
SImulateur VAG
Simulateur de conduite VAG