Army vehicle simulator & training systems (armoured vehicles, trucks, convoy, etc.) for off-road driving training in sand and convoy

Passing off-road obstacles

Our army vehicle simulators with 6 degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) motion system faithfully replicate off-road sensations, allowing the driver to assess the position of his military vehicle relatively to an obstacle. The trainer can analyze this placement and see the wheel tracks on his specific 3D view.

Beyond the proving grounds diversity, obstacles or even specific courses can be created with the scenario editor integrated into our military simulation training systems, by simply combining ruts, trenches, steps, rocks, beams…

Bus - gérer les échanges voyageurs

Preparing for external operation in sand

All aspects of driving in sand in an armored vehicle or other types of wheeled military vehicles are simulated: digging ruts, adjustable sand bearing capacity, taking tire pressure into consideration.

Driving in a convoy thanks to artificial intelligence

Driving in convoy, that can be combined with off-road or sand driving, is a special feature of our army simulation training systems. Various convoys can be formed in which the driven vehicle can be placed in the middle or at rear.

The behavior of the other vehicles is handled by Artificial Intelligence. The instructor is also able to take control of one of the vehicles from the convoy.

Nicolas, Head of the Equipment Operation Training Section

Range of vehicles

Sym2B offers driving simulators for any wheeled military vehicle equipped with a steering wheel and a windscreen.

This covers various kinds of armored vehicles, all-terrain vehicles and military trucks such as truck with trailers, semi-trailers, and tanker trucks. The following simulations have been implemented through an innovation partnership with SEA (French Armed Forces Fuel Division):

  • CaRaPACE (semi-trailer tanker with off-road capacities)
  • CBH385 (tanker truck with off-road capacities)
  • KERAX430 Armored (semi-trailer tanker)
  • CCA TOE NG (tanker truck)

Vehicles such as:

  • Tanker truck (Scania, etc) CCP10
  • Multi-role armored vehicle (Griffon, Serval)
  • Light recognition and support vehicle / VLRA (Torpedo, etc)
  • Highly armored vehicle / VBHP (Aravis)

Those examples are for France. Light vehicles and foreign military vehicles can be simulated using our army simulation training systems upon request.

Varied geo specifics and extensible environments

Wide and various synthetic environments are available including:

  • Roads
  • Highways
  • Paths
  • Civil engineering structures
  • Mountain areas
  • Off-roads
  • Waterbodies

Geo-specific regions (reproduction of the real world) can be integrated into our army vehicle simulators, for example for France by using the RGE Alti and BD Topo of the IGN. In addition, we have integrated part of the DGA Tir de Missiles site (sandy area near Biscarrosse) and a part of the La Courtine military camp (off-road area).

Sym2B military and armored vehicle simulators simulators allow you to enhance all these environments locally, for example with custom obstacles, thanks to the scenario editor.


Several military vehicle simulation systems can be supervised by a sole trainer. An option allows several simulators in the same location to be connected and share the same environment. This extends the possibility to train the coordination between drivers, especially in convoys.

Another option allows to connect remote simulators between each other or with other simulators according to the standard protocol of distributed simulation (standard ISO IEEE-1516)

Military vehicle simulation: references

SEA (French Armed Forces Fuel Division), Chalon-sur-Saône, France

Two SICSTY6 army vehicle simulators with 6DOF motion systems were installed at the Driving Training facility at Moreteaux camp for the SEA (Chalon-sur-Saône, France).

This system simulates the driving of military tanker trucks like CARAPACE, CBH385, and KERAX, as well as civilian trucks (LGVs, HGVs, etc.) The system is very impressive in the way it renders very realistic sensations to the driver with the advantage of a safe environment and is very easy to use by the trainers.

Several scenarios specific for off-road, sand and/or convoy driving have been developed by the instructors with our user-friendly editor integrated into our training simulators.

The purpose of the simulator is very simple: it aims at improving the training and the skills of the drivers of the SEA who transport every day dangerous goods in France and all over the word

Nicolas, project manager

DGA / Camp de Valdahon, France

The SPRAT: System for the Rapid Installation of Bridge Spans (Système de Pose Rapide de Travures) is a unique military vehicle designed to create temporary bridges over gaps up to 25 meters wide.

Its training simulator is also very unique, with a panoramic field of view extended downward to allow the driver to approach the breach just as in the real world. A vehicle cab similar to the real one was built for the simulator.

Cabin and visual system are mounted on an electro-pneumatic system that reproduces movements with a very large amplitude.