Sym2B: Vehicule driving simulation systems (trucks, buses, armoured & heavy vehicles, etc.)

Innovative, custom, and compact solutions for driving training.

At the driving position of your vehicle

Each of our heavy vehicle simulators offer the possibility to drive different types of vehicles from public transportation vehicles (passenger carrying vehicles) to goods transport vehicles including specials vehicles.

Discover Sym2B’s large range of vehicle driving simulation systems for:

Switching to another kind of vehicle in our driving simulation systems is immediate, without physical change.

To simulate the driving of a civilian truck (LGV, HGV), military truck, bus or any other vehicle, a specific dashboard is simulated digitally using VR, with a central display and two touch screens on both sides of the driver.

In cab

Each vehicle cab is reproduced by 3 large monitors on which are displayed computer generated imagery (virtual reality).

The windscreen is represented by a 4K front monitor for high visual confort. The two side monitors correspond to the window(s) and/or the door.

The visual field is covered over more than 180°. All mirrors are simulated.

Compact and high-quality heavy vehicle simulators

Sym2B offers cost-effective vehicle driving simulation systems. They are compact and allow drivers to feel like driving an actual vehicle.

The restitution of motion has 3 to 6 degrees-of-freedom, thanks to systems based on electrical and maintenance-free actuators. This increases the feeling of being at the wheel of a real truck, bus, or other vehicle and gives to our heavy vehicle simulators the “top of the range” qualification regarding the European Union Directive 2003/59 supplemented by the Directive 2018/645.

Driving simulators for mandatory training in European Community

More than one third of the initial qualification and of the periodic training can be performed on a “top-of-the-range” simulator, especiallyespecially night time driving.

Get in touch with us to know more about our professional training simulators solutions, and how they can be customized to match your training needs.

Germany > Allowed

(equivalent to actual driving)

Belgium > Authorized

(15 minutes on simulator = 7 hours of actual driving)

Finland > Authorized

Denmark > Authorized

(7 hours on simulator = 7 hours of actual driving)

France > Authorized

Czech Republic > Authorized